Retirement Plans

It’s never too soon to begin saving for retirement. Retirement plans should be designed to assist your employees in meeting their retirement goals, objectives and dreams. We provide solutions to the problems of auto indexation and bestowing a higher benefit to higher paid employees within an organization.

We have developed a set of best-practices for retirement plans to comply with CAP Guidelines.

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  • Plan design for Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Defined Benefits Plans, Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, Non-registered Savings Plan, Tax Free Savings Account
  • Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures
  • Retirement Compensation Agreement
  • Supplementary Executive Retirement Plan and Executive Retirement Income Plans
  • Pension plan conversions and wind-ups
  • Actuarial services
  • Investing consulting
  • Asset-liability projections
  • Expense liabilities