The myFlex difference

Team focused benefits

myFlex BenefitsTM is designed for small businesses with 5-35 people strong. Now you can offer a competitive benefits plan with as many options as you wear hats. Your team can get access to the coverage they need and you can come in on budget.

myFlex for employers

  • Attract new talent and grow your business
  • Retain employees and your training investment
  • Set a budget and then build your benefits
  • Easily share costs with employees
  • Reward your dedicated team with benefits they value
  • Stabilize your costs with a 2 year renewal

myFlex for employees

  • Employee engagement in the process drives higher appreciation of your contribution
  • Variety of benefit options to fulfill the diverse needs of your team
  • Opportunity to purchase additional benefits with payroll deductions
  • Easy online benefit selections puts your contribution front and center
  • Secure web account to make EZClaims and access health and wellness resources

How it works

Talk to your FBMI representative about competitive benefit offerings for your industry and what you think your employees would value. Evaluate your budget and decide what you are willing to invest in your team’s benefits plan.

(Plan sponsor)

Define a
budget per

Create the plan!

Choose a level of coverage (foundation, select or premium) within your budget for each of the 5 benefits.

  • Life/AD&D – SELECT
  • Dental – SELECT
  • Health – FOUNDATION

(Plan member)

Views your
budget as
flex dollars

Personalize benefits!

Plan members sign in to make benefit selections from the set of options you choose.

2 years from now they can
update their selections.

With exception of a life event such as marriage.

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